Payroll FAQs

How the Changes to National Insurance Contributions from April 2016 affects your pay and State Pension?

The State Pension is changing for people who reach State Pension age on or after 6th April 2016.  The new State Pension will replace the existing Basic and Additional State Pension. 

As a result, Contracted out National Insurance contributions will cease from April 2016.

Employees who are in a Contracted Out Pension Scheme will pay the standard rate of National Insurance, currently 12%, instead of the contracted out rate of 10.6%, and will no longer receive the 1.4% NI Rebate from April 2016.  This will affect Trust employees who are in the NHS Pension Scheme

For full details and links to government web pages to find out more please click on the following link National Insurance Changes April 2016 

How much salary can I sacrifice without falling below the minimum wage?

When taking out a salary sacrifice scheme you are not allowed to sacrifice your salary so that your hourly rate falls below the National Minimum Wage.  Below is a spread sheet that allows staff over the age of 21 to check the amount they can sacrifice.

Minimum Wage Check

How much will my salary change if I increase or decrease my hours?

KMPS has provided a spread sheet that enables you to see how your basic salary will change if you increase or decrease your contracted hours.  It should be noted that the amounts the spread sheet display will not take into account any changes in % rates for Pension, Tax or NI that may occur when changing your contracted hours.

How will my salary be affected by a change of contracted hours? Basic pay and net pay working sheet download

Why has my Tax code changed?

Your tax code is personal to you and can change for many reasons depending on personal circumstances. When your tax code changes you should be sent a notification for HMRC and you need to contact them to discuss any changes in your tax code as Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services will operate the code submitted to them by HMRC.

Changes to codes are submitted to Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services are loaded automatically into the payroll system from an electronic file received from HMRC.

KMPS CANNOT act upon the employee’s notification. Details of how to contact HMRC can be found on the your trust pages.

Why Does my P60 show a figure lower than my annual salary?

Your P60 shows "taxable" pay for the year, which will be your annual salary inclusive of addtional enhancements etc. minus the total pension contributions paid in that finanical year.

How do I get a copy P60 / copy Payslip/P11d?

From the 1st April 2013 Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services will charge for copies of pay related data, as it is your responsibility to retain your payslips, p60 and p11d’s. If you require additional copies you should email your payroll team with the details required. The details of the email address to use can be found under your trust information.  If you make a request by phone you will be asked to confirm the information on an email.

When do Pay Returns/Travel Expenses have to be in Payroll?

The second working day of each month.

I have received an overpayment letter, who do I discuss repayment with?

To discuss repayment terms please contact your Organisations Finance department. Contact details can be located by visiting your organisation's link from our homepage.


Where do I find my assignment number?

Your assignment number can be found on your payslip. You can download an example payslip below:

Example payslip

How do I change my home address?

If you have been provided with access to ESR self-service you can do this yourself on ESR.

Alternatively you can complete the form on your payslip slip, remove it from your pay info and send it to Workforce Information or HR for them to update ESR.

Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services cannot change an employee’s home address.

How do I change where my payslip is sent?

You need to request your manger to speak to Workforce Information/HR to correct the payslip address in ESR.  Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Service cannot change payslip address and will only send payslips to the payslip address on ESR as maintained by Workforce Information/HR.

What do I do if I haven’t been paid my Enhancements / Extra Hours or have been paid incorrectly?

If you are employed by KMPT you should contact you manager to check the information on MAPS. If this is incorrect the manager should discuss the matter with the erostering team on . Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services cannot answer questions on enhancements/extra hours as the information is loaded automatically into ESR from the MAPS system. The Erostering team can be contacted on

For all other employers you should contact you manager to discuss with them the information that they have entered on the pay return which has been submitted to Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services. If there is an error on the return or the you have not been paid in accordance with the information on the pay return the manager should contact Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services as if you contact Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services direct and the payment as information supplied by your manger on the pay return you will need to discuss the matter with your manager.

Who do I contact about Childcare Vouchers?

Please look at your trust information on the KMPS web page which will provide details of the person who manager’s childcare vouchers for your trust. Details of this can be found under your trust.

What is my Tax Office and Tax Reference?

Your tax office reference is shown on your payslips see payslip example. The tax reference for your employer and phone number can be found on the your trust pages.

I have come back from sick leave but am still in reduced pay - what do I do?

You need to discuss the matter with your manager to ensure that they have reported your return to work correctly.

For KMPT  you will need to contact the e-rostering team for KMPT

For Medway CIC contact Debbie Aylward in Workforce Information so that they can notify Kent and Medway Payroll Services of updated absence dates.

Please note, any employee contacting Kent and Medway NHS Payroll Services direct will be referred to back to their manager for confirmation of revised absence dates.